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Last modified / added documents

  • CDF-AV Validation tool User Guide: USER GUIDE for CDF-AV Validation tool
  • IDA TC 2014-10-06, Bern: Minutes
  • IDA TC 2014-10-06, Bern: Presentation
  • IDA TIPS & TRICKS: IDA TIPS & TRICKS n° 1 : My User Profile
  • IDA TIPS & TRICKS: IDA TIPS & TRICKS n° 2 : Export works from list of IDA references
  • IDA TIPS & TRICKS: IDA TIPS & TRICKS n° 3 : Rights owner - change managing society | Set the managing society to another society than your own on one or several rights owners, allowing the otther society to modify/delete the rights owner.
  • IDA User Guides: IDA USER GUIDE - IDA V4 | IDA USER GUIDE: describes how all IDA functionalties work: search and export works, register works, confirm/resolve ISAN matchings etc.
  • IDA User Guides: IDA User Guide light V4.0 | Search, consult and print information
  • 2014: CDF-AV Validation Tool CT-DLV, Madrid 18-19 Sept 2014
  • 2014: IDA presentation CT-DLV, Madrid 18-19 Sept 2014

  • Environment : Production - User test - Development

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