IDA is a worldwide audiovisual rights management system and online database

Is IDA for you ?

IDA is an information service tool provided by CISAC and is available to its members. It helps authors societies in the collective management of their Audiovisual repertoire, at an international level.

What is IDA ?

IDA – International Documentation on Audiovisual works is a worldwide audiovisual rights management system and online database that Authors Societies consult to get accurate information on audiovisual works and rights owners. IDA is a non-profit project and database, owned by CISAC (the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers). Overview

What does IDA do ?

The purpose of IDA is to simplify the identification of audiovisual works on an internationally-integrated basis and improve cross-border information exchanges by a local member society.

How to join IDA and take benefit of its community?

IDA is a CISAC tool. As such, you should first :


Once your membership granted, you will be requested to fill in the IPI database.

This step completed, you will be able to register your audiovisual repertoire into IDA.

From there, you will be able to search and match the IDA international database with their related rights owner and participants.

Of course, the IDA team will help you out during the onboarding process.

You will benefit from an integration programme to guide you in the use of IDA. The IDA test environment allow you to do your testings and train your teams.