Technical documentation

  • Technical documentation: for IT users profiles to support them into interfacing IDA with CMO’s internal system
  • Samples files: sample XML and CSV files to illustrate the most common operations a CMO will need to do


File Description File size
zip IDA Key Calculation (EN, FR, ES) Spreadsheet to generate valid IDA references for uploading new works in IDA.
12 KB
zip IDA nomenclature IDA nomenclature is the reference documentation for technical users.
It states the standards to follow by compiling which data is registered in IDA, how, on which format and the rules applied to each category of data.
83 KB
doc IDA Work exchange (EN) Complete and detailed description of how to exchange data with IDA: Import or update works, Select and export data The treatments are based on XML format, this document describes every XML node that IDA is using.
388 KB
doc IDA_WebServices_User_Documentation_V2.5 IDA web services API user guide. It describes every method a developer can use to interface a CMO's internal system with IDA using the web services: import for creation or update of works, export of works, simple or advanced search. The API works the same as the website : treatments are based on XML files.
138 KB