CSRF token error

This error is due to the cache memory of the browser. You might got it if you lanch an action whereas you page has been displayed for a while without being refreshed. Refresh the page end/or clear the cache (ctrl + F5) should solve it.

BR 333 XSD Error

Caracter ‘&’ causes issue with XML. In your xml file to interact with IDA, replace the caracter ‘&’ by the ISO code ‘&amps;’


Title =”APE&BJORN” becomes: Title =”APE&amps;BJORN”

How can I update a work ?

on one side you have to consider the authorization applied on the fields,
authorizations on fields depends on who created the work and/or enriched the field
some fields are reserved to the CMO that created the work

on the other side the several ways to update the fields
fields can be updated using GUpdate or update ‘Field by field’
which works differently

but the authorizations on fields remain the same, no matter how you choose to update it

“ownership” of fields can be transfered from one society to another when it’s about the distribution scheme

fields about the works itself are generally not reserved (meaning any CMO can update it)

also, many fields are mandatory, and conditions are depending on the type of worksthis can also cause many errors, if you re update includes the deletion of a mandatory field for instance

FTP settings

Is there any limitations to consider at using FTP services: size of file ? number of works in a file ? number of files ?