What’s the difference between a shared work and an enriched work ?

shared : A work where more than one society is actively representing rights for, meaning the shares are splitted between several CMOs.

enriched : A work where some fields were populated by a different CMO than the one that initially created the work.

owned :A work is owned by the society that created it in the first place. The 3 first digits of an IDA reference are the society code of that CMO.

List of fields that can be enriched:

keywords, isan, shooting languages, production country, real exploitation, other title, isan title, title of prexisting-work, participant, right owner, reference, link

List of fields that can NOT be enriched: Every fields excepted the list above, are read-only, except for the CMO that initially created the work in IDA.

Many fields are mandatory at the creation of a work, those are generally not editable by other CMO.

Important notice about an “enriched work” in IDA :

The behavior is different according to the context:
• In the Advanced search, a work is considered “enriched”, regardless of which field was updated.
• In the Dashboard “Work registrations and enrichments” a work is considered “enriched”, if any of the “participant” fields was updated.