IDA (International Documentation on Audiovisual works) is an online international database containing information on audiovisual productions such as movies, TV programs, documentaries, series, and short audiovisual works.

What does IDA do?

This global repertoire manages original productions, versions and adaptations in other languages and formats.

Each work registration contains a minimum set of information: original titles, foreign titles, subtitles, production companies, year and country of production, shooting languages, rights owners, ISAN (International Standard Audiovisual Number), IPI (Interested Party Information), exploitation purposes and a unique IDA code.

Collective Management Organizations use IDA to identify the transmitted audiovisual production and rights-owners, retrieve and treat the information before distributing the royalties to the identified sister organizations.

The sister organization itself will transfer these royalties to their Authors.
The unique IDA code is used between societies when exchanging information on an audiovisual work.

Before IDA, CMOs sent requests by e-mail or mail to sister societies, meaning more paperwork and rather long identification processes.

Is IDA for you?

IDA is an information service tool provided by CISAC and is available to its members.

IDA is a part of the CISAC Professional Rules and the Binding Resolutions for audiovisual societies, rules that aim to improve transparency and quality of service for all CISAC members. The IDA database is the property of CISAC.