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This error is due to the cache memory of the browser. You might got it if you lanch an action whereas you page has been displayed for a while without being refreshed. Refresh the page end/or clear the cache (ctrl + F5) should solve it.

When I try to log in, I get the message “You are Blacklisted”.

Contact the IDA administrator


– As a CISAC member, you are entitled to join IDA as a member
– Another option is to consult and use IDA for distribution purposes
– Finally you can contribute to the database (upload, download information)  having all accesses

The financial conditions for IDA memberships are listed in the IDA internal rules.

Go to the menu: How to join IDA and click on Business and financial Requirements

IDA is a community tool, members CMO are invited to suggest ideas and requests for evolutions to the IDA team, at all times.

Yes it is.

IDa centralizes and provides authoritative information on audiovisual works and their right owners.

IDA features different ways to exchange data:

  • Import/Export jobs based on flat XML or CSV files
  • Interact with IDA web services methods

Your local database priorily has to comply with IDA standards and rules. IDA membership comes with a special training to assist your organization in deploying the system.

No limit is set. It’s recommended though to have a general access for consulting and just a few profiles with edit rights.

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